EZ Test for Ecstasy
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Ecstasy basics

Over the years the term Ecstasy has become as polluted as the market for it. Ecstasy is MDMA. And nothing else. Period. There...

EZ Test for Levamisole and Phenacetine
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Cutting Cocaine

‘Cutting’  refers to the means by which illicit drugs are diluted. Drugs can be cut during the production process or afterwards, sometimes with...

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About having a bad trip

Bad trips start small and can snowball into anxiety, fear, paranoia, and paralysis. People experiencing a bad trip may appear withdrawn and silent...

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Hallucinogens are substances that induce alterations in perception of space, time and place. They can be found in both nature (cacti, vines and...

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Ketamine hydrochloride (“Special K” or “K”) was originally created for use as an anaesthetic. It is still used by veterinarians. Ketamine belongs to...

Research Chemicals: Bath Salts
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Research Chemicals

Over the last couple of years the quest for finding a legal substitute for MDMA has resulted in a market that has been...

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DXM is a short name for dextromethorphan, an opioid. It is a legal cough suppressant found in many over-the-counter cough syrups. In high...